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Why pay hundreds of pounds or dollars on an expensive, complicated system? You can obtain the famously popular Noogleberry system for a fraction of the price with a proven track record of excellent results and after sales support and customer care! Many persons who purchase our systems have previously bought similar, inferior systems only to be disappointed and let down by the poor quality. Our hand pumps are strong and of a high quality, not a cheap, rubber bulb which will not last five minutes! The tubing is high quality silicone and built to last. The cups are extremely strong and are resistant to cracking unlike the inferior systems and yet they are smooth, rounded and kind to the skin. Others who purchase our systems, have considered spending hundreds of pounds on very expensive, better known systems which are based on entirely the same principle as ours and have been delighted with the excellent results gained from our system. Therefore, do not waste your money on cheap, inferior or expensive, overpriced systems when you can buy exactly what you need here!

Why It Works

Like any tissue in the body, when it is exercised and blood flow is encouraged, it will enlarge. This system uses this principle on the breasts. 15-30 minutes a day, using the system will result in firmer, fuller breasts, as many persons who use enlargement pumps find.

Cup Sizes

Please refer to the section on 'Cup Sizes' to check to see which size you require. Additional pairs of cups can be purchased from our website here.
Please note that if preferred, the system can be used as a single breast system to work each breast individually.

How it Works

A cup is placed over the breast area, and the pump is gently pressed. This creates a vacuum and causes blood to flow into the breast, therefore causing it to expand right before your eyes. At first swelling occurs but over weeks, the swelling is replaced by proper increase and growth.
Check out the testimonials on our website Forum, where you will find comments like this, from delighted users:

I just wanted to say I've been using the noogleberry system for a bit over three weeks and I love it. I have used 2 other systems. One was less than half the cost and it consisted of one single cup and a bulbous pump and lasted one week before the cup cracked! Th other a friend let me try her system and that consisted of 2 cylinders that were very long and uncomfortable. I had to hold one in each and hand. That one cost about 3 times the cost of my noogleberry. I'm very happy with my purchase and am amazed at the results I have seen so far. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

If anyone needs a recommendation you have mine! Thank you for a wonderful product that is reasonably priced and very well built.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!


Aftersales Support

Full email support is given after your purchase. You can also benefit from our support Forum for further advice and support from experienced users of the system. You can also read their up-to-date testimonials on:  and here is a link to our 'Frequently Asked Questions' section where you will find a wealth of information, testimonials and gallery pictures from Noogleberry users: .
Please feel free to email any questions you have to . The fact that you have read this, shows that you are interested in breast enlargement and we can give you further support and advice to make sure you have the system that is right for you, including the correct breast cup sizes.
Our systems are always in stock as are any spare or replacement parts should they be needed.


These are brand new systems and are guaranteed for a year from time of purchase. Also, if after purchasing this, you are not happy with it, refunding arrangements can be made. Why not take a look at our breast pump before and after gallery?

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